Friday, 8 May 2009

Gathering CAPITAL

You may remember some time ago when I discussed about how to calculate the capital that you need if you want to open a business? You collect capital for business so divided 3: First Capital Investment, Working Capital, Capital and Operations. Correct?
Now the problem, there may be some who read any posts after that, and so grouchy self, "Hmm ...,capital, is, that's easy. The problem now, so I can have capital? In order to collect?"
This discussion is interesting because many people were having difficulties in collecting the funds as capital. For example, if you want to open a laundry business with has its own washing machine, and you need capital Rp.20 million while funds you own a new Rp.3 million collected. Now how do I overcome this ..?
There are three roads, how, to gather capital for the business.

1. Own capital
The first clear, if you want to open a business, you can use their own capital. I can take from the reserve that you have now, either from your savings or deposit, or can also sell the assets you have. For example, many, lo, the person who sells bicycle so simply to business capital, or sell the jewelry that he has.
Do not be surprised. Sell goods to increase business capital tuh normal, lo. The most important, do not feel too dear to sell some assets to increase your business capital. For example, if you do not have the money for capital and must sell your jewelry, I sell it. Later if business
You have been successful, yet you can buy more jewelry the better.?

2. Money for business capital is also often made of people. With borrowing, often the business of the impikan you can more quickly realized. Yes, do, rather than capital, mild But, there he is, because the capital that you can borrow with, so you truly should be looking at your cash flow. This is because you certainly have to return the money you borrow. Return it with either a monthly, 6 monthly, annual or perhaps.
The key, if you borrow, keep in mind that many people are too often the focus to how they can get a loan, but does not reflect what they can do to return the loans. So, when borrowed, try to think how you can return the loans.
Tipsnya, when do you think, do not be too optimistic that the income from your business can certainly big in the first month of the year. If necessary, create estimates possible. From a pessimistic estimate, you can certainly do the refund if you would later be smooth or not.

3. Cooperation:
your use of all of its own capital, or borrow from you, why do not you try to work the same with others? Work with the same, then the risk of your business can be smaller because it must share with your friends. But, the benefits you get of course also be divided.

only the name of cooperation. That is, shared risk, the benefits must also be divided. Yes?

Now the problem, there are people who want cooperation with you? That depends on you. Are you able to offer both a reasonable profit on the business you offer. However, bids are not enough benefits, lo. You must also be able to give a good approach, it is not proud of the people you want to cooperation.
One again, if it can, you give an explanation must also be reasonable, sober, and does not relate solely to the benefit you want to cooperation.
Well, now, you already know how to gather the capital to open a business. Hopefully from the 3 options above, you can determine which option is best.


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