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BIDVERTISER program is a pay-per-click (PPC) we will get a commission if the ads displayed on our website visitors click on our website. Adsense is the difference if we can attach a universal code for any website / blog, bidvertiser this program we must register the website / blog us one by one. But As I experienced, wretched bidvertiser increase in revenue if the website that has been attached to the script program is minimal trafik. With the many outmanoeuvre site also does not help sometimes. There are also some tips that I read from the business that this program is to feel the results, we must select the appropriate "category website" the most widely produced the ad, but unfortunately we can not change one wishes our web category.

if you already have an account google AdSense and Bidvertiser, do not worry. You can use both, and I see many sites that menggunanakan both in a single blog / web. Can truly benefit because you will get different ads on your site.

click only get paid $ 0.04, but if the result is also multiplied more bearable. Moreover, money from Bidvertiser be through PayPal, if you do not have the tone paypal account you can make it klik here and to join in BIDVERTISER klik here. BIDVERTISER all members will pay if the account has reached at least $ 10, and at least $ 50 if the request through the check.

From personal experience, the pay-per-click Bidvertiser usually between 10 & 15 cents. you are given options to select the text and banner ads in various sizes. One of my favorite features is that you can reject the ads you do not like. In this way, they will not be placed on your site. In addition, you have the ability to receive the ads you want. Often, I see ads on the site that is not entirely related to their content (either Google, Bidvertiser, and others).

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